Enhancing The Guest Experience at Atlantis Dubai With A Digital Wallet Integration

Case Studies

Atlantis Dubai is an iconic entertainment destination comprised of two world-class resorts that bring guests extraordinary experiences. Guests can discover a world of amazement across stays, dining, entertainment, attractions and wellness. It’s also home to the world’s largest waterpark, Aquaventure Waterpark. In pursuit of a smoother arrival experience for waterpark guests, Atlantis collaborated with ConX.Digital for a digital wallet integration to their online waterpark bookings.

"Working with ConX for the Digital Wallet project was a collaborative experience. They comprehended our requirements and constructed the solution to match our business needs. The project moved fast from concept to launch and is a great addition to the waterpark arrival experience."
Mohamud Amin - Digital Wallet Integration Atlantis Dubai
Mohamud Amin
(CRM Manager, Atlantis Dubai)

What Is A Digital Wallet?

A digital wallet is an integrated feature available on Google, Android, and iOS devices. It allows users to store digital tickets, passes, vouchers, loyalty cards, and more for easy and convenient access.

A Smooth Guest Journey

Atlantis approached ConX due to their in-depth understanding of Atlantis’ CRM infrastructure from previous engagements. The guest journey begins with a booking, typically for an Aquaventure Day Pass but other select activities are included. Upon booking confirmation, guests receive an email with their booking details and the option to add the pass to their digital wallet. When they arrive at Aquaventure Waterpark, they simply need to display the pass from their wallet to gain quick access into the waterpark.

Results and Benefits

The integration of the digital wallet is already yielding positive results with an enhanced guest experience and a growing number of guests who opt to download their passes via the digital wallet. This streamlined process also underscores Atlantis’ commitment to leveraging technology to improve the overall guest journey.

Atlantis Dubai’s partnership with ConX Digital demonstrates their dedication to innovation and guest satisfaction. The introduction of the digital wallet integration aligns perfectly with their goal of providing guests with a seamless and memorable experience, setting new standards in the hospitality industry.

"We’re always striving to advance our technology and its use to solve business challenges. The digital wallet project had an immediate positive impact on the guest arrival experience. ConX guided us through the technicalities from start to finish and we’re very pleased with the outcome."
Declan Kilcourse - Digital Wallet Integration Atlantis Dubai
Declan Kilcourse
(Digital & CRM Director, Atlantis Dubai)

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