Salesforce Hyperforce: What This Means For Your Business


Salesforce Hyperforce

Salesforce Hyperforce is now available in the UAE! In partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Hyperforce enables businesses to deploy all Salesforce apps and services in the region in compliance with local data residency requirements. This means you can safely store your data in the UAE, where your business operates.

Why Is Salesforce Hyperforce Right For My Business?

Local Data Storage: Earn your customers’ trust by remaining compliant with local regulations and storing their information in the same country they live in.

Built On Trust: Hyperforce’s security architecture restricts users to suitable levels of access, keeping sensitive information from human error. These robust security measures, including advanced encryption and compliance features, safeguard your customers’ data.

Market & Sell The Smart Way: If your target market is based in the UAE, it’s smart to have your sales data located in the UAE too. Improve efficiency, reduce costs, simplify operations, personalise interactions, and grow your revenue with Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud.

World-Class Support, From Home: If you provide service support in the UAE, then hosting your customer data locally is also the way to go. Maximise efficiency and grow your customer lifetime value with Service Cloud.

Salesforce Hyperforce makes rapid, scalable growth more than possible by unleashing Salesforce Customer 360 on the public cloud. With Hyperforce, you can create the experiences your customers anticipate, all while maintaining the strictest security and compliance measures.

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