Drive Conversions In Travel & Hospitality With Salesforce


Drive Conversions With Salesforce — Like A Pro

Knowing your customers is key. And we mean really knowing what makes them tick, and what makes them want to book their next holiday with you instead of your competitors. As you probably know, traveller behaviours have shifted in recent years, rendering traditional segmentation efforts insufficient to attract and retain customers. So, how can you bridge the gap between your brand and your customers and drive conversions in Travel & Hospitality?

Salesforce’s innovative solutions provide lasting impact, as explored in our latest eBook: Salesforce For Travel & HospitalityHere’s a condensed version, but be sure to download the eBook to gain access to industry statistics and tailored solutions that will help you build your business strategy.

Speak Your Customer's Language

2020 triggered significant shifts in purchasing habits among travellers, including an increase in workcations, contactless services, and a growing demand for travel insurance to protect holiday investments. Salesforce empowers marketers in a myriad of ways by enabling impactful interactions that resonate with your target audience and foster brand loyalty.

Make Your Operations Silky Smooth

Effective operational management plays a pivotal role in brand perception. As travellers and holiday-seekers set out to explore the world, managing demand while still maintaining profitability is vital. Salesforce provides the platform to achieve enhanced guest satisfaction and long-term business success.

Build A Sustainable Future

The climate crisis is reshaping customer expectations, who have a growing desire to see sustainable practices woven into every aspect of a business. Salesforce can catalyse your journey toward sustainability, while simultaneously earning your customers’ trust.

Ready to dive deeper? Download our eBook now for more details, including statistics that provide a greater understanding of this industry’s evolving landscape. Don’t miss out on gaining a competitive edge and get ready to drive conversions in Travel & Hospitality.

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